What We Offer

What We Offer

There are a good number of excellent European manufacturers of Subbuteo products, offering a wide array of premium and value-priced options. CanadaFlicks aims to bring this level of quality and consistency to the North American Subbuteo market, while still providing products that newer and experienced players alike can purchase without breaking the bank. We also feature a full palette of 25 different colours to choose from at no extra cost so that you can bring your personal flair to every match.

Our Product Line


Our “Alpha” series of bases are made to meet the needs of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. They feature a balanced weight with a large, varnished sliding surface and 45-degree shooting bevel for a soft touch and easy chip-shots. Click here to explore our Alpha base sets.




Our “Guardian” goalkeepers are made to FISTF-legal size and are designed with simplicity, comfort and performance in mind. The flat figure allows for more consistent rebounds and it is available in three different handle styles, with the potential for custom designs. Click here take a closer look at our keepers.


Our Custom Teamboxes are perfect for storing any Subbuteo team and feature a sliding, magnetic closure. We also carry a number of accessories for tables that help you organize your play area, such as ball holders and benches for spare goalkeepers. Click here to view our teamboxes.

In Development

We are constantly testing and developing new products, including advanced versions of our current products. Our next product launches will be our extra-strong plastic goals, followed by our travel case which can store either one or two of our teamboxes, a keeper and some accessories. Also, look out for more storage and training accessories in the future.

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  • Awsome site. Just got into subbuteo in the last month or so. Was having trouble finding sets and accessories in canada. Looking forward to more or your stuff


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