About our Teamboxes

The CanadaFlicks teambox, our first creation and one that truly represents our roots and design philosophy. Simple, effective and eye-catching… Those are the values upon which the teambox was created.

Your bases and figures aren’t just wonderful works of art, but are also finely crafted pieces of performance equipment, created for consistency. Therefore, we sought out to make a vessel worthy of storing and protecting these delicate weapons. The hard plastic exterior gives the teambox its strength and shape, while the soft plastic interior cushions and isolates bases from rattling against each other.

The magnetic closure ensures there are no mechanical parts available to fail and allows for quick dispatch of your favourite team. The top sticker is fully customizable and the lid, tray, and soft interior are all available in a wide range of colours. Our teamboxes allow for your squad’s true personality to shine through and will never fail to turn heads on and around the pitch.

Protect your team in style by picking up a teambox, available through this link

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