About our Guardian Keepers

CanadaFlicks Guardian Goalkeepers are unlike anything on the current Subbuteo market. The world’s first made from mostly 3D printed parts, our keepers are designed with one thing in mind: performance. Named in homage to the French word for goalkeeper (gardien de but), the Guardian allows you to patrol the goal-line with true confidence.

The Guardian figure is where the magic really happens, with the biggest blocking surface available, it is both intimidating and effective. Constructed to be just within FISTF size regulations, the flat, squared-off design allows for dependable rebound control and maximum coverage. More traditional metal keeper figures have uneven surfaces that can deflect a ball any which way, often giving up costly throw-ins or corners. Also because the figure is plastic, it is lightweight for faster reactions and dampens incoming shots for even more control.

The rod is fastened to the figure with a nut that is heat-fused into the plastic, and is coated in rubber to bring it near the maximum allowable thickness. 3D printing allows any number of possible handle designs, and we aim to offer something for every play style. All CanadaFlicks handles feature a textured surface for enhanced grip under pressure, as well the option for elaborate custom designs.

Size matters when the game is on the line, and that’s exactly what the Guardian keeper provides. We are never done innovating and this revolution in Subbuteo goalkeeping is just the beginning. Get your custom Guardian keeper today by clicking the link here

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